Despite its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) has permanent facilities in hundreds of cites all over the 27 states of Brazil.


Whether in the metropolitan areas or in the remote corners of the country, our organization is made present through its approximately 12,000 employees, among military and civilians, with special qualifications to carry out multiple activities of the Brazilian Airspace Control System.

We are distributed into three Subdepartments of supervision, four Integrated Centers of Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (CINDACTA), one Regional Service of Flight Protection established in São Paulo (SRPV-SP), five Area Control Centers (ACC), 47 Approach Controls (APP), 59 Air Traffic Control Towers (TWR), 79 Regional Air Space Control Section (DTCEA), in addition to more than 90 Aeronautical Telecommunications Stations and various support divisions across the country.

Cobertura fotografica realizada no ICEA (Sao Jose dos Campos) para acompanhar a preparacao dos controladores de voo que irao atuar durante as olimpiadas no Rio de Janeiro.

The Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) has also thirteen subordinate units, also called DECEA´s military organizations that act directly on the deployment and maintenance of systems and resources and on the implementation of operational activities. They are the implementing bodies that execute the goals established by the central body.

Thus, the task of providing a safe and efficient flight to domestic and foreign aircraft across the Brazilian airspace involves several specialized organs, ensuring the monitoring of air space under our jurisdiction.