The Organization


The Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) is a governmental organization, subordinated to the Ministry of Defense and to the Brazilian Air Force.


Centro de Controle de Área de Brasília (ACC-BS/CINDACTA I)

Distributed all over the country, DECEA embraces human and technological resources in order to provide a safe air traffic flow in the Brazilian airspace and at the same time ensure its air defense.

As the central organization of the Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB), DECEA is responsible for an area that goes beyond Brazil’s 8.5 million square kilometers of territory, stretching to a considerable portion of the Atlantic Ocean until the 10th meridian west. In short, the organization is in charge of the airspace control of approximately 22 million square kilometers.

To manage and operate the Brazilian Airspace Control System, DECEA handles highly specialized activities, detaining the essential expertise and technology for carrying out the complex procedures related with its mission.

The result, often unknown to the majority of citizens, is seen in the daily operations and in the services provided to the Brazilian society, without interruption, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, described in the next pages.